Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Work in progress knight

Once and awhile I like to pick up a model that I don't feel I have to convert and just paint. Its a rare occasion for me. I like changing things. I've had this knight for a few years now.

Its a Werner Klonke sculpt for Reaper Miniatures. He is one of my favorite sculptors.

The reds are my normal blend of 6-7 different reds, the whites are blends of Reaper Master Series Bone triad over Vallejo English Uniform some nice soft, warm bone colors, absolutely love that triad. If you are having trouble painting bone, give their bone triads a try, they have a warm triad and a cool gray tone like triad.

The metals are also a Reaper Master Series Triad. I must admit I attempted to use them on a few of my Romans, and I quickly gave up on using them, I was not getting what I wanted out of them quick enough to paint that army in a short amount of time. But they work well when you have time to dwell on a single model. I need a bit more time with them before using them in army painting. In the mean time I've stuck with my my Vallejo metals on the army stuff.

Still have a ways to go, I'll finish sometime, in between some project.

You'll note that the model is stuck on top of a lid. I do quite a few help seminars and tutorials locally, and I always get these odd looks when I pull out GW paint pots with a bit of poster putty on them, and then commence to gathering based miniatures and sticking them on the pots and putty, to hold and paint. My whole point in doing this is that I simply despise GW's paint pot, and this, I think is all its good for.

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