Monday, October 11, 2010

Orc Shaman Conversion #1 Finished

Quite awhile back I had shown some work in progress pics of this orc shaman. This is part of the commissioned orc army to go along with Orc Boyz Unit #1. The model is simply based off of a normal orc boy model.

I had an older bare foot orc model that I mutilated awhile ago, so the feet I thought were suitable for this model. I also wanted to give him a hood and several pouches.

The troll skull is from skull pass. Added a cauldron.

I think the added details on the cloak helped out.

Wasn't sure if I could pull off the hands or not, the one holding the skull came out okay, but in hindsight I should have spread the fingers apart. Will have to do that next time.


  1. I really like him. I think when painted you'd never know he was made from a plastic boy. I like the small touches like the items in the cloak. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks man. I agree with you, at times I think showing the conversion without say a primer coating, makes the model unattractive, and also some people can't get past looking at the individual components versus the overall model. But I was happy with this model, I think it turned out pretty good.