Friday, October 15, 2010

A new Chaos Knight

This is one of my new Khorne knights. There are some many details on these models. So, a lot of my detailing is going to lie in the paint work when I do that.

The one thing I think is missing with the GW knights is that they do not have capes, so I plan to add capes to a lot of mine. When doing capes, I like to use brown stuff, as BS is easier to get smooth, cures much stiffer than GS, and takes better to getting nice sharp edges. I wanted this cape to have a nice central area for me to do some hand painted details on.

The conversion work was pretty simple on this model. A sword from the bloodletters to emphazize the Khorne marking. I'm quite happy with the helmets, you are going to see a lot of that on my stuff to come. I'm a fan of Adrian Smith's art work and was looking for an easy way to mimic some of that, and I think I hit on it.

I have all of these left over skull pieces from the flagellants kits so, its high time I start using them.


  1. You really have to do a cloak sculpting (smoothing) tutorial... I am hopeless at that and would appreciate it so much!

  2. Thanks guys. I probably should is something that I have been teaching technique-wise locally for quite some time.

    I kind of cheat when doing cloaks and capes. That piece of clear plastic foil that comes with the GS and BS as a wrapper, I cut that into a small square, flatten it out on my glass desk top over thin film of water, so that it somewhat adheres to the table. Then dampen the plastic top side, flatten out your BS, on the foil, I use a large spoon spatula on the topside. Shape it. Let it set-up ten minutes or so pick up by the foil flip it over and apply it to the miniature with the foil side up, then start bending it bit, tweaking the shapes. Once I have a nice flowing platform I can then put BS over top and create some hard folds.

    Hope that helps.