Sunday, October 3, 2010

8th edition Tourney Result.....

1 win and two loses. Ouch, learning new rules on the fly is rough. Made some mistakes, forgot some things. My overall impression of the 8th edition rule changes is not a positive one, and its not just because of losing some games. I don't like the randomness of charges, I don't like the magic phase at all, and not really crazy about the combat phase which use to be my favorite phase of the game. Oh well.

It was still fun to play three oponents that I have seen at tourneys for a number of years and two of which I have never played.

In the end, I took home Player's Choice for my Khorne Demon army, which featured a bunch of new blood letters and khorne heralds. You will see pics of them soon, as my work room is getting put back together.

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