Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Cruasders get some attention

Its been awhile since this project has received any attention at all.  I had a bunch of Conquest Games Norman infantry that sat around for awhile.  I actually painted all of the metal areas on the models prior to having surgery, noted in the previous post, then finished off the color. 

So you're probably like, hey I've seen those before and they are all Perry metals.  Well the bulk of them are, but you need to look closer.
There are few plastic Normans in there, the sames models, most everyone say are junk.
Are they great models, no.  Do they work yes.
As always much more to follow.....


  1. Fantastic looking miniatures! Love.. everything!
    best regards

  2. Lots of different colours, but the unit still looks cohesive - I like how the movement tray binds the individuals together. I really want to build a Crusader army for WAB now...

    1. Thanks. I do love WAB. The next unit will have a little less color.