Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting Pelted by Stones...First new unit of the Year

Sticks and stones will break......well you know how it goes.  This the first newly completed unit like bunch of miniatures of the year.  Got a couple of more slingers to paint yet, as I'm just randomly grabbing bunches of Saxons and Vikings to paint.

These are the Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages miniatures.  Pretty repetitive poses, something that the kit has problems with.  I tried to change it up a bit with some really subtle conversions.
Please ignore the movement tray as that is something that I borrowed from a unit of chaos warriors. 

With most of these I tried to stay with a simple plain colors and use lots of browns and grays with some color mixed in.
Now I actually have some levy for Saga, Skirmishers for WAB, and not sure what they can be used for in Swordpoint.


  1. Very nice! I bought a box of these as a 'tester' to see what they were like and was very impressed by the sharpness of the detail. Your paint job breaks up the uniformity of the bodies.

    1. They have really very good detail, I just wish there was more variety in the body poses. And they entirely work with Saxon Thegns and the Vikings.

  2. Dynamic and fiersome looking unit!