Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kill the King!

My Jarl got a little bit blood thirsty and decided to take it out on a Saxon king in this piece.

 This is a fun piece.  The miniatures of the Jarl and his downed opponent are Old Glory miniatures.  The dynamic Viking protecting him while he is doing his business is a converted Warlord Games. 

 On this shield I used a Battle Flag transfer that had an appropriate looking blood splatter as well.
 The Old Glory stuff is more like 25mm versus 28mm, so the Warlord Games converted barbarian fits a little better scale-wise than the Gripping Beast miniatures that are 28mm.  Warlord's stuff is more like 26-27mm.  Its all okay though, humans after all come in all sorts of different sizes.

As always much more to follow.


  1. Great looking scene, and good conversion from Gaul figure!

    1. Thanks Michal. That's also why I'm eagerly awaiting Victrix's Gaul release.