Monday, February 6, 2012

The Whole Shibang....The Big Batch of Converted Chaos Space Marines

That's right the whole dug-gone batch of converted chaos space marines over the past couple of months is wrapped up.  Each one converted with what was left of my bitz box pieces (not to say there won't be a couple more, it was a deep bitz box).

Every last one of that group is currently up for auction on Ebay, starting at a relatively paltry sum to clear them off of my desk.  Discounts in shipping will be included if multiple models are won.  I normally do not ship internationally, but will make exceptions for these as listed.

If you are interested you can find them by putting in the Madhouse Workshop in the search engine or at the following link.

I've also listed some additional things and included some more of my bitz box. 


  1. Nice conversion work with the Green Stuff. You have that down pat. Do you use actual tools for the sculpting? I don't do much of this, and only use wet toothpicks or such expedient junk. Best, Dean

  2. Yep. I use to do that with the wet toothpicks, and still use some needles stuck in the end of a paintbrush handle. But yea....
    Those in that link are the bulk of my tools. Many of the metal tools I picked up for very cheap off Ebay, they just needed a bit of deburring and little polishing. I also love my Royal Sovereign Color Shapers that you can get from Dick Blick. The links in my tutorials for sculpting go over very much all of the various tools and there uses.

  3. Unique, sinister and well dressed. All this ads up to team of bashers that are whole heartily deserving of a shout on my themed top x series "Sunday Best". These models are an inspiration I hope they all find a place to call home. Cheers and thanks for sharing.