Saturday, February 11, 2012

A new Chaos Dwarf Bannerman for the Mutant Marauders

Definitely needed another banner man for my mutant marauders so I have this little guy in WIP more, need to clean him up a little.  Another of the Avatars of War, Dwarf Berserker conversions.  Little and a few gaps, But he'll work.
Thought on this one that I would try the chaos helm as the AoW heads are smaller than the Chaos helms.   The banner will be Slaanesh all the way.
Gave him some hair and got him up in the air so that his big sword clears my movement trays.  I'll come back with rock and ballast later to fill that ugly ledge in.
I'm still under the weather and my cold came roaring back.  Working and deadlines and stressing over work this time of year is never a good thing.  Too many pressures.  Hopefully things a slow down soon so I can rest and get better.  Also checkout Avatars of War's Warriors of Apoc.  I'll definitely be picking up a unit or two of those for my chaos army which continues to expand in model count.

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