Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creating Viking Casaulties....WIP

Kind of fitting for the mood that I'm in tonight.  Spent a brief amount time killing some Vikings for my new army.  I picked up some War Games Factory Viking bits from Hoard of Bits.  Mainly to destroy them and add a bit of carnage.  When Gripping Beasts packs their boxes so full of plastic, you can afford to sacrifice a few models for doing this kind of stuff.  My mood often influences what it is that I do.

So yes the pieces are a mixture of War Games Factory, Warlord Games, and Gripping Beast Plastics.  I'll do some GS smoothing and texturing and gap filling to finish them off.  I will likely leave the heads off some of them and maybe an arm or two.  Then the plan is to cast them.  And then you can make a variety of dead people for that special occasion of dismemberment on the tabletop. 

My pillaging has just begun.....more to follow.

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