Sunday, February 19, 2012

WAB Skirmishers...WIP

Originally, I had planned to use some skirmishers with my Imperial Romans, but after looking at the newly released AoA and knowing that it will probably be used for most future tournaments, I noted the lack of skirmishers and allies for Rome.  So plan B, Viking Skirmishers, another project from late Friday night converting.
These are Warlord Games Barbarians with some Gripping Beasts Viking bits such as the long knives and swords and such.  GB's heads don't work, but the other bits will.  They do have a sort of berserker look to them.  I added a bit of hair to some, probably need to add beards to most of them, along with a bit of fur.  Probably need to change some swords to axes.  I also need to come up with some bucklers for them, I will probably sculpt this and then mold it.  More to come on these guys.

So now I have a deficit of painting, 52 models built and converted, but a big fat 0 for finished painted.  Hmm.....need to work on that also.


  1. They look great as is; I'm sure your conversions will make them unique. Best, Dean

  2. You gonna roll with Vikings or Romans?

  3. Adepticon will be Romans, base WAB Rulebook version. I won't have the Vikings done until later this year. Just about have the Crusaders painted. Another night or two and will have the majority done. Need to put together movement trays.