Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crusading....The Knights in WIP...WAB

What's on my desk, some more knights getting treated with some color.  I'm still working through deadlines at work and still not feeling well, trying to get over my cold.  So my progress has been greatly hampered.   Most all of the mounted knights are Conquest with a couple of Perry's. 

One in the middle right with the couched lance is actually using a Gripping Beast Viking spear.

A few additional spearmen in the background for my spear unit.  Someone was nagging me about getting things done, so I'm attempting to do that.  Haven't seen his progress yet, so there you have it my gauntlet has been tossed, will the Old Coot Butcher respond?  lol....all in good fun....jab..jab... poke...poke...  For me painting horses is like painting 3 human miniatures, I still do not feel comfortable painting horses for historical use. 

If you are going to Adepticon this spring and playing the big WAB Crusades game, I will be on the Christian side.


  1. PC: Nice works in progress; very inviting looking workshop too. Best, Dean

  2. And there, at Adepticon, you will find these beautifully painted knights, shot full of Saracen arrows.

  3. Eww...dems fighting words from part of the opposition. :) Good thing Aaron has more Christians.

    We will have to make sure we get some good photos.

  4. Those look great painting Crusaders myself this month!