Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finished Painting the Roman Unit

24 Strong.  I have plenty of command models from my older stuff, so this basically all troops with a Centurion, my newest veteran unit.  The Movement tray was something that I wanted to do since doing things like that for my Viking units.
I think the front rank turned out pretty awesome.
The second rank has good detail and a good dynamic going on, having mixed in some of Warlord Games' metal EIRs.
Above and below are some detail shots of the hapless barbarians.  The capes on the romans are actually stolen from the Fireforge Teutonic Knights kit.
The blood pools are high gloss, using a clear red Tamiya paint after my few coats of dullcote.

Yea even a Roman has fallen.
Really like the side shot.
 In the back, I did not let up on the painting detail.
 I see, I need to touch up the back of the movement tray a little bit.
 So more detail shots of the below.
Some of the heads are Praetorians with the crest holes filled, some are from the barbarian ranks with Roman helmets.

There you have it, my newest Early Imperial Roman unit.  I plan to do a few more Roman pieces to replace the models that I sold off.


  1. Excellent work again, PC. Always impressive, especially with your creative basing.

    1. I still plan to play WAB with a couple people, so definitely wanted trays. The way I look at trays is that they need to tell part of the story and accessorize the units with some eye candy. Really like how this turned out.

  2. Have not been doing a lot of painting. I'm still having some problems with my left eye that is affecting my depth perception. Trying to work through it, I think its improving as the facial nerves continue to improve. I think a lot of it is related to my not being able to blink that eye as well and definitely does not lubricate as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Except this is a playable Diorama in WAB, CoE, Hail Caesar. ;-)

  4. These Romans are awesome! Beautiful details and wonderful bases as well...

    1. Thank you. I love how this batch turned out. The basing on them is the most basic of any army, I've done in the past 10 years or so, but I think it just works for this army.