Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some of the cooler rank and file Romans.....

Just about done with the Roman Unit.  This is a really cool stand.  I picked up some of the metal Warlord Games Romans.  The left most model is one of the really cool ones, that is in action throwing his pilum.
 Nice dynamic pose for a second rank.  The guy on the far right is a another with some manica armor and also with a Praetorian head, I had to fill the slot in the helmet with some Greenstuff.

Below are couple of more models that I really like.  The kneelling one is another metal model with a veteran manica arm swap and the one with the cavalry mask.
Now that I'm looking at the one in the mask, I probably should blackout the eyes.
From the back you can see I still paid attention to the backs of the shields also.  Really like how the mask helm turned out, especially the cool brass colors.