Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Dwarves and Romans and Vikings and Arthurians Oh My!

 Kind of an odd mix of stuff on the painting desk at the moment. I have in the works a Reaper Miniatures Dwarf, I believe this is a Werner Klonke sculpt. Fun and an easy miniature to paint, practically paints itself.
I also have this dwarf, a Red Box Games - Tre Manor sculpt. Not sure when or even why I picked up this model. I'm normally not into dwarves. Even though these are both dwarves there are huge scale differences between the two. Even though this one is smaller the detail is still there and it is kind of neat miniature to paint.
Then we have the two Romans, both Foundry miniatures. If you have followed my blog, in the past I've paint a number of these models. They are some of my favorites to paint as they have a nice flow, and not overly complex detail. They practically paint themselves and once painted always seem to look very nice. I have to different schemes going on here, one in reds that I'm very comfortable painting, and another in purples which I'm attempting to become comfortable painting.
Then some Foundry Vikings and Saxon Miniatures' Arthurians.

Then I have a few wound markers in the works along with some pieces I cut out of the base for the Mumak that I'm converting.  Thought they would make decent terrain additions.  


  1. A very diverse selection, all superbly painted.

  2. Love those dwarfs! And a genious idea to cut up the Mumakil base for terrain. Rough ground anyone?

    1. Thanks. I've converted a couple of those, had to come up with something for those leftover bases. ;)