Monday, February 1, 2016

Shields!!!! Some more painted Romans

For this unit, I did a few conversions with some Romans raising their shields.  Pretty easy arm rotation conversion.  I plan to build some more like these to give that second rank a bit more action.  

I'm again happy with the paint work and the color scheme.  I should have taken more time the first time I did these, but selling one unit paid for all of the many to replace all of the units that I sold.  And these are better than the previous ones.


  1. Excellent as always, PC. I recall the lively poses did take a bit of thought when ranking them up.

    1. Actually the size of the Warlord EIR's are probably the easiest of all of my armies to rank up. Probably because they are really like 25-26 mm and not actually 28-32 mm. I plan to do a few more like this may as some arrows to the shields to give them some more flavor and dynamics.

    2. I think it was the guys with the pilum pulled back to throw that I had some ranking issues with. That said, they are one the smaller side. How about the Auxilia set - those guys are a bit larger (28mm), and have some lunging poses too. They look great though.

    3. Yea, I often times do not use that arm anymore because of that. If I do that model will be specifically used for the back rank. The plastic Auxiliaries are very much larger than the EIR. I did a very displeased review on them, in my reviews section. And yes the lunging poses make them essentially useless in rank and file games, their plastic Auxiliaries are not very good miniatures. Their newer Caesarian romans are bigger than the EIRs also and would be more along the lines of the size of the Auxiliaries. Quite honestly if I was to do this all over for rank and file Romans, I would likely switch to Victrix Romans.