Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warhammer Orc Boyz...Unit #2 Begins

That's right, second of the units. Theme will be much like the first, beating the heck out of undead, this time skeletons instead of zombies.

Big guys in the front, no weenie drummer, this is a 40k Nob with a black orc drum.

Modified the 40k holster to make it a bit more fitting for fantasy.

Next up a rank and filer. After working on the first unit, I've realized just how few different part available even though I'm using both 40k and Fantasy boys. So to deal with that, I'm going to be converting weapons and do some things with the heads a bit more, to obtain different looks.

For this one its changing the head, and adding fur.

As always, a slow start, but much more to follow. Currently painting all of Roman Auxillaries and some additional command models, hope to have them done before Thanksgiving.


  1. Damn! I love those conversions! (and I don't even play orcs! xD)

    Keep up the nice work, your conversions usually serve as great source for inspiration!

  2. Yeah these ors are great! I am attepting to resist the urge to start collecting some myself! These pictures don't help...

  3. Thanks guys.

    And sorry about that phill.

    My chaos is setting on the sidelines right now. Orcs are fun.