Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crusading preparations...Perry style

I've been converting away, trying to get things somewhat ready for painting. I've converted a bunch of Perry Miniature early Normans to get them a little bit further into the crusades. And of course make them very different than your normal Perry Miniature Normans. Something I like to do.

Note the plastic shield is a GW High Elf shield. This is what I came up with after looking at reams of reference materials.

In the end I do think they turned out good enough.

I do not however plan to put caripsons on every horse, just way too much work, but quite a few of them will have them.

For Adepticon I plan to field at least two units of 8. One probably being a Holy Order, still need to figure that out before I start painting them though.


  1. Wow - that is some nice work with Green Stuff. The barding looks very good - nice flow to the movement. I have a Battle Honors figure with a face shield & flat topped helmet similar to the ones you created. Regards, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, much appreciated. I was concerned on the barding I would not be able to pull it off, but after the first one I figured it out a bit. And I think the flat topped helmets with face plates added interesting element to the riders. Really changes up the Perry Minis.