Saturday, July 20, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Time for the Inquisition

So I bet you all thought I was a slackin' and just racing go karts this summer.  Well you would be wrong.  Even with a busted up left hand I'm doing some work.  I do race again tomorrow though.

I have been a bit bummed out about miniatures lately.  The local store has closed, ancients has fizzled, Fantasy 8th plain sucks, and I'm not fired up at all to paint that Flames of War crap.  Good thing I have racing to suck up most of my spare time this summer.

Okay, I have been cleaning out a bunch of stuff, projects that I have no use for any more, bits that are just not going to get used anytime soon, etc.  That means a bunch of stuff that is half built needs to be finished and a few pieces that probably are not sellable unpainted need to get a bit of paint or at least a coat of primer, and I also have  a bunch of pieces to add to my current armies.

The Inquisitor below is one of those pieces that I actually want to paint.  I picked it up years ago from someone half painted.  I sat it in some Castrol Superclean and removed the paint.  The original primer was black and certainly stained what is a rather porous metal casting.  But it will paint up just fine.
I still need to find a left hand or something for a that.  I do like the pose of this mini.  I also decided to build up a 25 mm base with some broken resin strips that will paint up nice as some concrete.
 Off to the right of the model, you see some of the Maxmini chaotic looking shields.  I picked them up recently, a little disappointed with the size and some of the detail in the resin is very shallow.  I'll figure  out something with them for my chaos.
 What is a GW mini without a skull on the base???
Below a close up of the base.
What else is on the desk.....Brets, Vikings, a stug, a werewolf, and Medusa.  I need to clear out some of this stuff, so I can start building my newest army that I'm charged up for, of which the Medusa will be a part of.
So, there you have it.  Even with a hurt hand, being bummed out, and racing every week, I'm getting some stuff done.  And I will be starting to sling some paint in a couple of weeks.

And as I start cleaning out a bunch of crap...there will be a bunch of things going up for auction on Ebay.  As always, more to follow.....


  1. Awesome pose on that one. He deserves to painted up nicely. Hopefully you have his left hand?

  2. Cool looking projects, PC. BTW, where are those foot knights from? They look Bretonnian, but not sure. Hope your injury heals quickly. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks guys. I'll come up with something for his hand even if I cannot find the original bit.

    The foot knights are peasant infantry converted into knights with various bits.

    My hand is healing, I can still grip a steering wheel, racing the vintage karts last week required a lot of tape. we have some storms passing through this morning, so not sure if I'll get a race in today or not.

  4. Glad to hear (on the hand...). Looking forward to the Medusa and the associated army.
    Foot Knights are brilliant, simple an effective conversions. FOW isn't that bad, the game is fun IMHO.
    I finally have a few WHFB 8th Ed. under my belt. Not as bad as I thought, Game dynamics are very different. I had a real hard time getting my head around of how they changed game play, once that was done, not so bad [still like 7th better...].

  5. I'm just not fired up about WWII and painting all of those little infantry.

    My biggest problem with 8th is they didn't fix what was broken, and they monkeyed with what mechanics actually worked.