Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Madhouse - Race Track???

If you enjoy impressive stupidity, you came to the right place.  Yea..... I caught some video of some racing late model stock cars at Bowman Gray Stadium out of North Carolina the past couple of weekends.  This track is known as the Madhouse, after seeing this, I now understand why.  This has to be some of the most stupid and ridiculous behavior I have ever seen at a race track.  Below is part one that happened on 7/13/13.
That guy trying to get in the car is dumb.  I think I know what he was trying to do, but that was really stupid thing to try.  The driver of the 02 was not much better.  And then to get up and run after the car after getting dumped, that driver was stuck on stupid.

And it gets better. The driver of the 02 car was not done yet as the stupid driver that he drug along the track, his brother was leading the race with the 02 in second.  So the 02 then dumps the guys brother on the exit to pit road.  And consequently the brother is not much smarter as he attempts to run at the 02, only to get tackled by a cop.
Lets see that stupidity again.  Your momma must be proud...
But, it gets better, just the following week, more on the track stupidity, with the brothers doing a tag team of wrecking and mayhem after another on the track incident.  I think the track officials and cops there are also missing a few brain cells, no way I'm running out on that track with that much crazy and fast cars with stupid people on the track.
Wow....glad I do not race there.  I would need probably 7-8 guys that were 6'-5 and 295-320 lbs to protect my little butt.


  1. Bowman Grey is right up the road from me. I used to go often till I quit drinking. My Inlaws are a racing family and know most of the guys that run there. They had a reality show about the track called Madhouse and it is fun to watch with the inlaws because they name most of the people on the show and have a good story to tell. According to the inlaws the guys in the videos wouldn't have made it off of the track back in the day, when they use to really raise hell and run what ya brung.

    as a post script they had 21 cars broken into and robbed during the race last weekend.

  2. That is interesting. I'm mostly a Midwest dirt track fan and have seen many strange things at tracks, and few fights out back after someone does you wrong. But I had heard of Bowman Gray prior to this. I'm having great fun tonight watching Eldora and Nascar's trucks on it.

    I hate hearing about break-ins at the tracks. We had stuff stolen out of our van on pit road while in the race on the track about 4 weeks ago.