Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Vikings

 I'm gradually building some additional Vikings for use with my Viking army and also for SAGA.  With doing minis up for SAGA I can get a little more carried away with poses and other such things that don't really work well for rank and file.
That said the Dane axe dudes will work with either easily.  The old glory minis in the center I just want to paint up for a cool scene.  I've kept the shields off of them as I will add those to the miniatures later after everything is painted.
Below is the axe wielding Viking with the cape.  The cape is from the Fire Forge Teutonic knights kit.
 Does give a nice flowing effect.
I'm also using up the last of the Warlord Games barbarians to make some more skirmishers for the army.


  1. Thanks.

    I should also state that some of the Dane axe wielders are using the more upright War Games Factory torsos with the Gripping Beast arms.

  2. Excellent work as always, PC. I really admire how you do so much detailed prep & conversion work even before priming. Best, Dean

  3. Thanks Dean.

    One of the things that I always attempt to do, is to make every model in the army an individual. Now of course if you are doing very regimental armies like say Napoleonics that probably should not be done, but the armies I typically work on are not like that and have a very individual like personality to them. If you have that then what I try to do is not repeat a single pose, now that is very difficult to do if you are working on really rigid models without a lot of options.

  4. Really dynamic! I love how the entire thing looks like a diorama and "fits" together as a story.