Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Chaos unit filler

I've had this Reaper Miniature for quite some time, prior to knowing about the huge run of Bones that they were going to do.  It is another Manor sculpt.  That poor Viking is getting squashed.
 I did not like the two headed giant, so I dug through the Ogre bits and added that Ogre head and chaos'd it up a little bit.
The right hand weapon was cooler looking that the left hand weapon.  I added the straps, added the pack and covered up the wimpy gut plate the model originally had.

I have a little more to do the miniature, but its coming along.


  1. Very nice! I like the conversion. That Etinhas a lot of potential, I also didn't like the 2 heads so turned one into a big boar-headed creature.

    With the horns added to the ogre head he reminds me of the Ogre from Time Bandits :)

  2. Great job, the conversion sit very well on the base model. I love those ogre extra bits, they are converter's gold.

  3. Sweet, love the bands on the club!

  4. Nice conversion mate. I'd like to know.. what model is that werewolf in the back?