Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Additions to my Warriors of Chaos Army

As I continue to build the Warriors of Chaos army, I keep adding miniatures, cherry picking all of the models that I like from other manufacturers.  The following are just some of those models.
Below we see the worm, from Reaper Miniatures.   This is the Bones one that I have had and shown a bit previously.  I plan to use this as another spawn.
Below is another model that I have had on my radar for awhile and saw it down to Adepticon, so I picked it up and made a couple of changes to it.  It will fit in with my marauders.
Below is another awesome Manor sculpt for Reaper Miniatures.  This is an awesomely huge model that I have had for quite sometime, again purchased before the Bones came out.  The model is mounted on a 50x50 base.  I will use it as a unit filler.
 Below are couple of the gross Helldorado minis.  Very awesome looking minis, look for to painting this dark and sick stuff.
The big guy does have some gaps, but those are easy to fill.
Much more to this project is never done.


  1. Beautiful miniatures. I have someone and want the other :)

  2. Some exciting looking models there!

  3. Yea I think these will be great additions to my merry band of mutants.

  4. beautiful choice where can i find the second miniature and which part you have use for the mod ?

  5. The second mini is Longhorn from Coolminiornot's miniature line.