Thursday, August 1, 2013

Modeling Bretonnian Knights: Part 3

Back with more knights.  The above and below shot shows another of the knights that I converted to have a couched lance.
The next one shows a bit harder conversion, removing those ugly embossed shields from the horse's caparison.

Like a previous knight I again went back and removed the lance and added a big sword.  The sword is from a Reaper Miniatures weapons pack.
This knight I gave a cape.  I once again used a cape from Fire Forge's Teutonic knights kit again.
Below are some shots of one of the horses.  I first shaved off the embossed shields with a sharp Xacto, while the horse body was in halves. 
I then went back in with Brown Stuff and Green Stuff to smooth out any areas that had scarred up from the removal and in some cases I added some additional folds.


  1. Love the Sword, it is not way to big like typical GW stuff. What did you use to remove the shields?

  2. Yea the swords work great for these minis. Used my dremel with a sand disc initially, then cleaned it up with an Xacto Chisel point.

  3. Great looking conversions, PC. Couched lances do look cool. Best, Dean