Sunday, August 11, 2013

Modeling Bretonnian Knights Part 4

 One of the things that I did a long time back with the Bretonnian models was also to convert the horses that the knights rode.  One head in particular is  fairly simple to convert.  I think this gives a really interesting look to their mounts.
 Next up is another of the knights.  Straight up easy conversion on this one.
Simply just added a boar with a knife in it to match the helm decoration to the horse.
As stated previously, all of Bretonnian stuff will eventually end up being auctioned off on Ebay, as this is an aborted project.  Fireforge stuff will be done in place of this for my future knight projects.


  1. Nice conversions, PC. I agree the knights are nice, but the Fireforge one are even better. Although, maybe pretty close in size, IIRC. Best,Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. There is huge difference in scale between them, can be seen in my Review tab.