Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - August: Crimson Fist Captain

 Somewhere around 2007.  I bought several of these metal Captain models a long time ago.  I the intention to include them in my Cerulean Templars army, but never did.  Then in 2006-7, I painted a number of one off pieces up just for fun.  I later sold the bulk of them. 

I remembered long ago painting a blue power sword with crackling energy and I definitely wanted to do that again.  I think this sword turned out pretty good.  I carried the color scheme over to the plasma pistol.
 My favorite color is blue, so I'm a sucker for cool looking blue schemes and consequently have always felt that I paint blue very well.  And having painted lots of Khorne over the years I think my painting of red gets a good depth and vibrancy in the color.  I did hand paint the crimson fist symbol on the open shoulder pad.
I also hand painted it on the backpack.
Wish I would have done something different with the base.  That was a bit of a let down.
I also hand painted the skull on the knee pad.  Its a fun model and cool pose.

Until next time keep painting and building models.....


  1. Awesome figure and painting, PC. I want one too, now! Dean

  2. Reeeeally cool model. The sword's awesome!
    Crimson Fists higher rank officers all have both gauntlets painted red.