Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday...February: The Gnoblar Objective

 I don't remember what year I did this piece, probably around 2005.  It was something that we had to do for the Fantasy Team Tournament at Adepticon, one of the few years that I did not team with Mike Butcher.  For this tournament I was teamed with Ryan Golke, otherwise known as Bear, and his Khorne based Ogres that were teamed up with my Khorne based beastmen.  Ryan is also the founder of Waaghpaca and also sometimes posts on The Magnificant Bastards' Blog and is one of those not-so-Handsome Point Boys.
This is one of those pieces that asks why....and I have no answer for.  The gold in the chest is actually round shaped glue glitter.
Actually the first and only time I have ever done lava bases....kind of surprising with all of the Khorne stuff that I have done over the years.


  1. I like him.
    That is one strong gnoblar. Lets just hope he doesnt go all piraty and tryes to borrow it all in the lava.

  2. Nice little conversion!