Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Progress on the Workbench: Light at the end of the Tunnel

Well I really did not get very much done over the week and this week will probably be pretty much the same as I be out of town for a few.  So today is the day to try make up for the lost time on the now 76 Vikings, I added a guy.  So below are pics of where we are at this morning.
Above and below are mostly of the multi-based Vikings.  They are pretty shiny right now.  I'm setting the goal pretty low today, I just want to get the washes all on to define things and maybe paint the bases edges.
If I have time I will paint some of the shields.  I wish I would have model some more with fur like the one in the middle above.  I'll be doing more stuff like that later as I have a ton of Vikings left in unassembled models.
The above Vikings are doing what they do, trying to steal my Mustang Hotwheels.  Typical.
Once I start doing the washes and shading, these will start really coming alive with character.  I did paint the backs of all of the shields already.  When you do these stands with multi-models, I usually on put the outside models on the base and paint them, and then have the middle models off of the base and paint them separately, then once you have that done, put them on the stand.
I had a few of the Gripping Beast metals and most of them in the mail are pretty good, so I added them in the mix for variety with the plastics, as you can see scale wise they work out fine, they stand a bit straighter up, but that is a good thing in my opinion.

And below is the last guy added, I had him primed, but had to do a bit of touch up on the modeling on him, so he is number 76.