Saturday, February 9, 2013

A New Berserker

 Well the last model from the first rank and file Viking unit that I have done.   This is an old Gripping Beast metal casting, and the casting is showing its age, its very rough and thick in the wrong places.  I did replace the weapon and gave him a plastic axe, did a bunch of shaving, carving, filing.  The face of the model is pretty cool. 
I thought I could save this model and the other berserker with my paint work, but unfortunately these GB metal berserkers are just too rough in my opinion.  I'm working on building some replacement berserkers.


  1. Great looking figure, PC. Your mods to him were worth the effort. Best, Dean

  2. That is a hellishly rough looking miniature, I don't think I would have been able to persevere to get him finished. Considering the poor quality he came out great.

  3. Yea it was a lot of work to get it this close. Good thing is Gripping Beasts will have plastic Bondi coming out soon. The pack of metals that I bought had two more of this guy and one of the other one. I'm planning to just make them into casaulties. This one is actually better than the other.