Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Progress on the Workbench: No Rest for the Wicked

Here is where they stood this morning.  Got a little distracted this morning reading a book on go karting chassis dynamics, so I forgot to post this.  Yea I know, you don't care about my crazy obsession with karting and going fast 1/2-inch off of the ground.  So we have Vikings, 75 of them on the workbench. YEP that's right 75 being assembly line painted, sometimes I don't know why I do such stupid things, but Adepticon is 10 weeks away and I still have a massive display board to do and I plan to add a few more miniatures.  This truly is a glimpse at impressive stupidty. 
In the above pic you can see two of my Warlord Games berserkers.  They look better than the old metal GB's.
The guy with the horn below is working alright, I like the looks of the pose and its coming along.
Now I don't mind painting some of the Warlord Games barbarians for berserkers, but most of the poses are way over the top in dynamics.  I really don't know what Warlord is thinking half the time.  There is no happy midway point with their miniatures, they are boringly static in poses like with their Romans or way over the top dynamically posed like these below.  AND they are really a pain in the ass to paint, thankfully I don't have many of these to do and I'm probably be spending way too much time for low point value skirmishers which is what I'm going to be using these miniatures for.
So.....on today's agenda, I need to paint all of the hair, half dozen models have fur, paint the bronze and gold, paint the silver arm bands, all of the washes and shading, then hopefully by the end of the day dry brush the bases.


  1. I really like them the musculature it's well defined without being blocky or have you used painting to hide their sins ;) ?

    I love the flesh, do you have any tips for that is it three layers or straight blends?

    Thanks for your time always good to see more from you!

    1. Its a little more than 3, actually four. I'm using all Reaper Master Series fleshtones, the tanned skin triad and then Fair Shadow from the Fair Skin Triad. The Knuckles and stretched high points on the faces are getting a fifth highlight of Fair Skin from the Fair Triad. Reapers Triads in the skin tones are the best paints I have found for doing fleshtones, especially when you are assembly line painting for speed. Faces and few other places also used a fleshtone with a bit of red added to it to get some rosy-ness out. I'll finish off the flesh later with some Secret Weapon Soft Body Black and a Flesh Wash. All of the characters and couple of the front rank figures that I like got a bit more attention.

  2. Thats a lot at once but will be well worth it when you come out the other side!

  3. Thanks Willie, I must say I'm always inspired by looking at the story telling miniature collections on your blog, the Anderson Collection.