Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello...We have not seen this guy in awhile

 This was my test piece for the army.  Mainly what I was testing was the armor, as the colors were going to vary anyways.  I really like how this model turned out.  The casting around the face is a little rough, but I believe I was able to rescue it with the paint.
I really like how my shading and highlighting turned out on this model.  Most of the color was painted using a wet pallette.  Something I rarely do when painting armies.  Its just not very quick for me.
This shield was one that I really think turned out awesome.  I managed to achieve what I was looking for.  Black and white can always be tricky to paint.


  1. Very nice, PC. The pose is very good - great painting as always too, of course. Best, Dean

  2. Looks excellent, I know this model well!