Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Sunday and more Shieldwall

Having the washes and most of all of the shading done, I'm working on the shields today with the music of 43 cars at Daytona in the background. That is the last of the major paint items to be done.  Then I will go to touchups and eyeballs and base edges, besides the banners.

As you can see some of the shields are started, those are the ones with the Little Big Men transfers.  The rest will be my free right hand.
 Below is my favorite character of the group.
Some additional models.  The one with the raven in the background is one of my Berserkers.
And for Daytona lets hope the race does not have happen what happened yesterday with the debris going up in the stands at the end of the race.  Hope those fans that were injured recover.  Being involved in racing, I'm the one that is willingly taking the risk, the fans and spectators should not have to.  Accidents do happen, sometimes intentional, but we always hope that all of the stuff stays on the track.