Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Vikings multi-based

As I was building this big rank units I had decided to use a number of multi-models on a base, as it allowed me to move the figs around and get the most out of the poses, than with simply a single model on a 20mm base.
This is another of the second rank bases.  I like the guy that is attempting to stab with the pointy end.  He has one of my better painted shields.
I'm gradually getting them done.


  1. Nice base of Vikings, PC. I've resorted to multi-basing for WAB sometimes; mostly due to the poses (& weapons) making them hard to rank up otherwise. That or put them on 3/4" metal washers. I know some folks (like Pat L.) prefer squares for definitive facing, etc. though. Best, Dean

    1. Yea, I've most recently been doing this more and more to get the dynamics that I want and cannot get when I do just single minis on 20 mm bases. My units for this army are typically just 3 ranks. In my orc army that I'm building I have some models on 50 mm squares. And if I plan Clash of Empires this will work with the Viking units. If I play SAGA I will just pull out the single models from my units. Although I do plan to build some special SAGA models that have some really dynamic looks that do not fit well with rank and file units.

  2. Very nice. The shields are superb.