Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm a Truckin'....51 Ford Progress

Been a while since I posted anything on my old truck.  Its a slow project, that will hopefully be completed road ready this spring or summer or fall.

This the last of the major bodywork to be done the new tailgate and the rear bumper.  The tailgate was the second try as the first did not turn out good enough.  The old rear bumper for this truck was flat ugly and besides I wanted to hide the tail lights a bit as most people hang a big ugly light off the sides of the box.  So with this we inset the tail lights in the bumper and I purposely shaped the bumper to mock the angles of the box.  Sort of has a Corvette look, which I have always liked.  My dad did all of the welding and paint work on both the tailgate and bumper.  I did a bunch of sanding on the bumper and that was about it. LED tail lights.
He mocked in an old license plate to see how everything fit up.

On the back we added a couple of neat touches.  Games Workshop is not the only one that likes to put skulls on everything so added some on the back.  That actually matches the theme, because my gear shifter knob is also a cool looking resin skull.  My dad came up with the dice idea, he had cut up and polished some aluminum cubes and I went work on them with the drill press counter sinking some pips.  The dice unscrew and allow the tailgate to swing down.  I still need to paint the pips, not sure what color to use.  Maybe red pips to match the tail lights.
Inside the box you can see the aluminum diamond plate bed and the fake tool box.  The fake tool box is actually concealing the 20+ gallon aluminum gas tank.  I had a local fabricator that works on race cars and street rods weld up all of the aluminum.

Its getting there......

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