Sunday, July 29, 2012

More kit Bashing the Warriors

I have a few of these Max-Mini heads left over and plan to use them with one more batch of knights that I will do up in the future.  They are very cool looking heads.  So I thought I would try one on the bestigor body.
 I think it works nicely.  I blended in the chaos warrior arm fur with some GS sculpted fur.
 I also got around to putting together my Khorne Lord on a juggernaut.  What a huge piece of metal.  I look forward to painting this in my warrior paint scheme of blue and burnt orange.
A few more things in the works, finishing up the last Viking unit.  Getting ready to switch gears and paint some.  Also built a bit of terrain this weekend that I might show pics of also.  Much more to follow as always, and then back to the race track on Friday night, will be making changes to the kart probably Tuesday night in preparation for that.  I should probably take some pics of the kart, show some of the scarring that has taken place over the season.


  1. It's been a while vising your site, PC. I see you're still doing some awesome kit-bashing. I love that helmet on the first guy - looks like a Corinthian helmet with dual crests. Could be useful for some historicals. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. It could be, but its about 30+mm Heroic in scale, Way too large for most every line, but still a beautiful helmet.

  3. Helmet makes a nice dynamic line with the figure...