Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clash of Empires

Not something that I wanted to do, but preparing for possibly the inevitable.  I picked up this ruleset by selling a couple of minis to pay for it.  So far I like what I have read about 15 pages in.  If there is going to be a possible exodus from my game of choice, Warhammer Ancient Battles due to the shutdown of Warhammer Historical, then I'm likely going to gravitate to one of its clones and so far I like what I see of CoE, the only thing I dislike so far is the metric system.  As an American and an engineer, don't get me started on the damn metric system.  But I know that 1 inch equals 2.54 cm.  I see things in inches and feet and yards, not centimeters. 

Now you may say, like many, why not Hail Caeser.  Well HC is not for me, I think its rules are better suited to Napoleonics simplifying many complexities.  And I don't plan to ever play Napoleonics competitively, even if I ever find someone that shares the interest of that period locally.  Black Powder is one thing, but when I play with my ancient armies, I happen to love Warhammer.  I love the core rules of Warhammer, if I have to play a different rules set its going to be one more like Warhammer was.  I also don't believe that HC will make for a very good tournament rules set.  This is not meant to be a knock against Warlord Games or people that enjoy HC, its just not my cup of tea.  So no plans to play it, ever.  In the near future I plan to have another ancients tournament in La Crosse and River City Hobbies, the rules will be Warhammer Ancients, its what I like the most.  This probably won't occur until this fall, I'm going to be busy racing through the rest of the summer and through September.

Tomorrow night, I strap on the helmet and go oval track racing once again.  Its been getting rather rough the last 3 races or so, lots of rubbing, bumping, spins, and what not.  Maybe a week off will have an effect of tempering that.  We'll see.  Supposed to be hot tomorrow, but the evenings have been cooling off okay and the road race last Saturday was a better test of fitness in the heat than the Oval is.  I also won't be packed into that old vintage kart, you don't realize how uncomfortable that old kart is until you run 8 laps in it on 1/2 mile plus road coarse.  Hope to have a successful evening.  The season is winding down, I'm currently the season championships points leader by a small margin.  Next week we race twice, as its La Crosse County fair week.  So I'll be at the track Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon if it does not rain. 

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