Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The remaining Converted Skirmishers

Had a bit of time to finish up the remaining skirmishers.  Something that was suggested to me was to make the helmeted ones a bit more conical in shape.  I'll be going back to in with the GS work and
see if I can in fact do just that.  I'm building some other stuff currently and doing a bit more GS work on the fourth Viking unit as well as work on the Lost In the Warp crossover project, which may be expanded to include the Butcher's Bill.  I also was successful in patching up the horns on the Banelord Minotaur.  So as always much more to follow.....

On the karting side of things, we did some evaluating of my kart.  I felt that I lost speed as the night wore on.  Prior to the Feature last week we noted the key in my axle was coming out.  After looking at it some more it was not just the key.  The week before last I damaged my chain and replaced it.  So we knew something was going on.  Well after looking over everything again the chain was binding and the sprocket had also moved.  That definitely took away speed.  So a new collar and key and realignment. All in the quest for speed.

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