Sunday, July 1, 2012

Newest of My Warriors of Chaos...The Banelord Cometh

I recently sold a few of my older Beastmen, so I thought I would replace them with a newer model, this is from Maelstrom Games, one of their Banelords.  Its the first of two models that I recently picked up from them for my Warriors of Chaos army, rise of the mutants.  This was also my first time working with their resin models.  Quality is pretty good, not too many imperfections.  Mold lines are in places that you can mostly get to.  The axe handle was severely bent, so boiled some water and bent it somewhat back to shape.
The points of the horns do have air bubbles.  I'm going to attempt to fix that with some GS work.  As you can see the basing is using my fake rocks and ballast.  I added Italian Seasoning, and some Secret Weapons loose skulls.  I really love the heavy plate armor all over on it.
As you can see above the model is huge.  At $35 it better be.  I've placed it on a 50 mm square base.  My plan is to use it as a unit filler for my Warriors or Chosen unit, I think its fitting with all of the armor on it.  And it emphasises the mutant theme.  To give an idea of scale, to the left is Tre Manor's Red Box model, also in the army about 25mm, and to the right is Avatars of War's 32mm Marauder champion.  All of which will be in the same army. 

So now my mostly GW army has another manufacturer to accompany Avatars of War, Reaper, Red Box Games, Enigma, Secret Weapons. 


  1. Awesome figure! Love it.

    For a long time my favorite figure was a Ral Partha (IIRC) armored minotaur in plate armor with a big sword pulled back about to strike. He was the bomb. This guy looks like an even more awesome version!

  2. Yea I've been eye balling this miniature for awhile. I think painting it will be a blast. When a model is this good looking, theres really no need for me to convert it. And it should fit in well with my Band of Mutants.

  3. Looking good - that is a massive figure. Best, Dean