Friday, July 6, 2012

Chaos Warriors Kit Bashes, A Bane Lord, and Additions

The motley crew below is a number of figures that I've been cleaning up and assembling.  On the far left is the Avatars of War Barbarian Champion and on the far right is my newest Banelord Beast.  These two will be in my Marauder Unit.
 Below is a kit bashed Bestigor/Chaos Warrior.  The miniature will be part of my Warrior Unit with halbred and shield.
 Shot of the figure from behind.  This will help emphasize my mutant look throughout the army.
 Below are a couple more of the kit bashed.  I think they look heavily armored enough to fit in.
Finally got around to adding hair to the Bugman's head, now it looks fitting for the Warrior's body.
 I have two of the Wulfrik models.  The body is cool looking but the head is terrible.  So I did head swap with a chosen head.
Below is the second Banelord that I picked up.  Good high quality resin miniature.  I did have a bit of gap on the left arm.  So I added a band around the bicep in GS to cover that up.
 Metal skull on the base is from Secret Weapons' Bag 'O Skulls.  This is cool miniature, really look forward to painting it.
That's it for now.  Travel and racing tomorrow, working on some of my vehicles Sunday.


  1. I love the gor / warrior conversion. Much more interesting than the standard chaos warriors,which I find too static and too uniform when they rank up- these have a lot more character to them.

  2. These are awesome. Remind me of the original Realm of Chaos artwork. Imagery like this got me hooked on the hobby in the place.