Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ah....A Kit bashing we go...Bestigors to Warriors of Chaos

I've been doing quite a bit of kit bashing lately as I build a few other things.  Also getting ready to bust out the paint on some Vikings and Warriors of Chaos at the same time.  10 of each out to work.
I really like how the one on the left turned out.  Very appropriate for a blind chaos model to have his eyes on his shield.  The middle one is a fun one also, I've used this chaos space marine arm on a number of marines conversions before, this looked like a good use for it.  All of these are putting emphasis on my mutant theme.  I'll use these as chaos warriors or marauders. 
All in all, I really like the bestigor body model.  Very dynamic, much better than the chaos warriors. 

I've also come to the conclusion that I may be approaching the end of me doing chaos modeling for awhile.  I've grown tired and don't feel the enjoyment of modeling them as I used to.  So we may be nearing the end of chaos kit bashing for me.  I will carry through painting this huge army, there are a few more pieces to finish up and add to the army, and I keep looking at other very cool pieces by other manufacturers that I want to add to my collection.  I have all of the GW stuff that I need to do some more chaos knights and probably will as I scoped out some really cool Puppets of War stuff recently.  I have way too many projects that need finishing, this is one of them, the vikings is another, the Fire Forge models, some Napoleonics, Space Marines loyalists, Orcs, and some more Romans.  So, soon I'm switching to paint mode.

Tomorrow night is race night, hot/sticky/possible rain.   Time for speed....


  1. Good luck at racing and...

    Paint more vikings...

  2. Don't need luck when you are good. lol.

    Got rained out, no rain for a month and half and I get soaked last Friday night after the race and rained out tonight, otherwise hot and dry, why can't it be dry when I do want to race?