Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eye candy for the Vikings...

Didn't do a whole lot today, but I did model up some casaulties or maybe I should also say victims for my Vikings.  These will be added to my bases and movement trays as eye candy for the army.  This is something I started doing back in 2008 for my Warhammer GT Best Appearance Khorne Demon army.  I think it adds a bit more dynamic look to the whole army by adding a bit of a downed opponent.  Plus its a whole lot of fun to do.  I didn't take any photos of the stuff just yet, but I will get around to it.  For the models I used some left over Gripping Beast Plastics and some of the War Factory Games torsos.  For most I left off arms and heads so I can get variety of different bodies with a limited amount of time spent modeling.  I just got done pouring the molds, using some Smooth-On molding products, its a 1 to 1 type mix.  Depending on workload tomorrow, I may cast some of them.  We'll see.  I also sat down and made up some shield wall markers, completely stealing that I did from Butcher.

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