Sunday, August 19, 2012

A new Khorne Herald and a gor

 Been awhile since I built another Khorne Herald / Bloodletter.  I Think I have build close to 150 of these guys for myself and on commission.  I have parts left for one more after this one and then that is it, no more of these guys.  This one will go up on Ebay.
 I once again corrected the posture of the model, and then added the beaten armor look to him.  Both of these techniques can be found on my Tutorials page. 
 Next up, a gor for my chaos warrior mutant marauders.  And no James this is not your gor, but I did do these two conversions while building the piece for the Lost In The Warp blog crossover.
 I have quite a few beastmen bits left over also, but supplies are dwindling.  One of the things that I am nearly out of is horns, so I kit bashed some from a different model line.
 The plate armor technique again can be seen in a How To in the Tutorials page.
Added a few straggly strands of hair to cover up the joins of the horn kit bash, and done.

Next up Viking Eye Candy.


  1. Nice looking figures and great conversion work, as always. Dean

  2. Wow I love these maruders great...