Monday, August 20, 2012

Viking Eye Candy....

 Some eye candy for my vikings.  I like to added bits and pieces to armies, especially incorporating things into the movment trays.  I first started doing this with my 2008 Chicago GT Khorne Demon army. 
In recent years I decided the best way to do this is to make/convert a number of casualties with various parts that can be changed out.  Then make a mold of those conversions and cast them up.  I make the molds using Smooth-on OOMOO 30, a two part mold product, then I make casts using Smooth-on's Smooth Cast 300, which is also a two part product.  I do end up with air bubbles because I'm not using a pressure tank.  On these wounded and casaulties its mostly the feet that I have this issue with. Sometimes that random air bubble ends up in good place for a nice gory wound.

The one above is simply a GB Plastic viking that I molded in this downed pose.  This is one of the few casualties that I did complete with a head, but even with this one I can simply cut off the head and put a spare GB head on it to change the look.
 Above you see the poor saxon, that will be painted bleeding out.  Below another above view of the movement tray with the goodies added to it.

Below you can see the one Viking on the four wide infantry base.  I will have two more vikings that I'm painting separately that I will apply to the base afterwards.  The downed viking is simply one of GB Plastics that I have modified and flattened out his backside.  The other thing I did with this one is I left off the head and both arms.
So there you have it the first bit of viking eye candy for my movement trays is modeled up.