Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prospero Burns....

The Wolves are unleashed.  I recently finished reading this book, not sure how I had time to read a book with everything going on, but I started it a long time ago.  I read A Thousand Sons previously, and I must say I'm not much of a fan of the Space Wolves and feel for the story of Magnus and his legion.  I generally read all of Dan Abnett's Horus Heresy books as I like Dan's writing.  That said I could not really get into this book.  These two books further my dislike of the wolves, and this story while well thought out was not paced at my likening.  I struggled through the first 300 or so pages, and trudged on like I was moving through the deep snows of Fenris.  The story finally got better, quickly peaked and then slowed down again.  Definitely not a Dan Abnett novel that I would recommend, too slow and plodding, it does however have more tidbits about the developing Heresy and poor Magnus the Red.


  1. Totally agree Shawn and I felt it really was an anti-climatic ending that really left me sorely disapointed.

  2. Funny, I have had this book for some time now, and have tried to read it twice.
    I can't seem to get into it, and I am a huge Space Wolf fan.
    Maybe I'll give it another go, but it does feel like more of a chore than enjoyable reading...

  3. You know, I read quite a few reviews of this book prior to reading it and all of them led me to believe it would be a great tale. I just could not get into the story and just don't believe that its very good at all, perhaps some of the worst stuff I have read from Dan since his Marvel UK days.

    Definitely agree the ending was anti-climatic, if there ever was a climax in the first place.

    I generally never try to read anything three times. If I cannot get through it two times, I'm throwing it out to someone else to have a wack at it. And this comes from someone that enjoys reading very dry history books also.