Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Viking Accessories...

 Ten Vikings and ten Warriors of Chaos Chosen have been primed and moved to my painting table.  As I get started painting, I needed to get some more of the movement trays ready, above is the second one nearing completion.  Again added casaulties for the eye candy may add a couple broken weapons and such also.
 Above you see one of the hapless saxon victims.  Below is another of the victims, and close up of the rocks, some of which are fake and some are real.  You can also see underneath the rocks and ballast the apoxie sculp was imprinted with some real slate and an old tooth brush to give it some texture.  Also on my Tutorials page you can find my movement tray tutorial, great for ancients and fantasy.
And below are the shield wall markers.  This is an idea that I've borrowed from Mike Butcher, you can see his blog in my blog list called the Butcher's Bill.  I've seen Mike's saxons and teamed up with them a couple times and he always comes up with some cool ideas for accessories.
So getting closer.  I still need to build the Saga models, I have another unit of hirdmen that I'm finishing up, Clash of Empire's command models, WAB captured standard markers, and a longship.  Three game systems and one army.

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