Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some more Knights...for my Crusade

My meager reinforcements for the Perry Knights.
I must have bent the legs on the one on the left, will have to fix that.  Amazing what you see wrong when you take pics.  The middle guy is actually carrying a sword from the Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings.

You cannot buy that Hospitaller like that from the Perry's, its a shame too.  Note I converted the sword arm using a Conquest Games arm.
Meager additions, that all it is.  Next up the Conquest Games unit or the Infantry.


  1. Very nice! Great dry land basing too

  2. Fantastic painting as always! Love the hand-painted heraldry - looks so authentic! Best, Dean

  3. Very nice basing... what did you use?

  4. Thanks guys.

    The basing is a HO Scale railroad ballast mixed with a little crushed dolomite rock from around here, with Joefix fall grass tufts, and some GW Straw.