Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Conquest Games Knights in color WIP

Wow, actually have something in color for a change that does not have wheels.  These are a couple of the Conquest Games Knights that I converted up.
I basically have basing to do and final clean-up.  Spent part of Sunday painting heraldry on all of the knights and the additional Perry infantry.
I do like how the yellows turned out.  The caparisons on the horses will utilize cloth barding when an option in the WAB lists.
 This is my first oportunity to paint the Conquest Games Normans.  They are very good miniatures, very easy to paint, of course mine have a lot of conversion to them also.  The horses are some of the best plastics I have worked with.
The larger pictures definitely show where I need to touch things up.
Note to self, watch out for seams on the rump of the horse.   At some point I will probably do another box of these to further expand this army.
These two I also painted over white Primer.  About 90% of the stuff I paint is over black primer, but I knew I wanted ligher colored horses and to use yellow on these two, so I switched it up.  Hopefully next time you see these they will be completely done.


  1. Wow - excellent work on those shields. Those Conquest sculpts look great. They don't seem to get much "air time" though. BTW, I recently ordered a box of those Fireforge Teutonics. They look good too. Dean

  2. Yea, its unfortunate in a lot of ways, because they are nice looking models. I think the reason they really suffer is that they have not been able to follow up with anything to go with these, whether by design or just not having the capital available create the next step.

    I do like the looks of Fire Forge and the new stuff that they have pictured on their facebook page is really good also. I've ordered two boxes, but they have not arrived yet, very slow.

  3. Very nice! They will be amazing at Adepticon! Best of luck getting everything ready to go!

  4. Looking good (to pin cushion with arrows, that is...)