Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introducing Sir Roland the Gray....errrr Green

Well, another Reaper Knight.  Reaper names this model Sir Roland the Gray, but I have changed that to Green.  This model was another happy experiment. I've never really painted a lot of things green, mainly because I really don't like the color green. So I decided to dust off all of those green colors and see what I could with them, grabbing another of my Reaper knights to experiment on.
I think it turned out pretty good, I laid out all of the greens on the cloak. Then went to the yellows to accent it.

The helmet's head display is massively huge, appropriately fantasy. Was not really sure what to do with it at first, and decided upon a stone theme that I carried on to the shield.  For the basing, I recently picked up some meadow flowers and decided this would be a good model to try that out on. I like the looks of them, definitely going to use more of that in the future.

That's it for now, soon the Crusaders will be showing up.  Got the movement trays, put together today.