Saturday, March 31, 2012

First of the Conquest Games Knights

I'm rolling them our now, this phase of the crusade is coming to an end.  Previously we had seen the pair below in WIP.  Now I have them based up and finished.
Below is the next pair of knights.  The one on the left I have converted, giving him an axe from the Gripping Beast Plastic vikings.  I think its a neat little conversion that works well.
Below a better look at the converted horses, and their cloth barding.
And a view of some freehand on the shield.
The Conquest Games stuff is nice,  and paints up fairly easy.  I look forward to seeing their long awaited infantry.


  1. Very nice work on the conversions. I am still waiting on my clay shapers. You are making great progress, keep it up!

  2. Those came out really nice!
    Both painting and the conversion along with the barding sculpting. makes me want to do a crusades project!