Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - March ... Wargor ...Let there be War 2

Last month I showed the my wargor/beastlord from my 2003 Beastmen Army, this month I have his buddy. This one is only slightly converted not as converted as the previous one was, but based on the same model, basically the regular model with paint. 
Below you can see the differences between the two models, even though they are based on the same model.
I was happy with the paint schemes that I used for this army, and again this was back when you could actually play the beastmen with chaos marks. So, due to my dislike of magic, I went with an all Khorne marked army and no magic.  
I painted the Khorne marking on the axes. The paint scheme is, in that so-called NMM painting style (only miniature painters could come up with such ridiculous painting terms like ‘non-metallic-metal’, whatever, I feel a rant coming on that I would like to avoid at this time, it’s almost like miniature painters have an inferiority complex, so they have to make up these terms to feel more important or something).
So that is two of the 4 wargors from that army. I still love the looks of that army, I felt everything I did with it really clicked well with the exception of my Chaos Ogre unit and the Chaos Trolls. Back then I spent a lot of extra time painting the characters, more-so that the foot soldiers. Nowadays, it’s about equal as my painting speed has picked up tremendously.


  1. Fantastic work! I can see some Teutonic knights charging him in the near future :)! Dean

  2. I love this model... Haven't seen it in a while...